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Ingredients – What’s in your store cupboard?

Posted by Jun 14,2014 0 comments
Ingredients- What's in your store cupboard? If you are a novice cook or a seasoned professional you will most likely have a list of ingredients that you always have at hand in your kitchen store cupboard  or larder. You probably replenish these items whenever you are getting low as a matter of fact and without too much thought. Store cupboard ingredients are an individual choice usually chosen by the types of food you cook most often. The list of ingredients that can be found in store cupboards around the country vary greatly and it is likely that no two store cupboards are exactly the same. We have put together below a list of basic food ingredients that will cover many of the items required for easy home cooking recipes and dishes found on this website and others across the internet. This is a list of my personal "must have at all times" store cupboard, fridge ...
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Beef Stroganoff Easy Recipe

Posted by Jun 12,2014 0 comments
Beef Stroganoff- Easy Recipe Beef Stroganoff is an easy to cook but delicious and satisfying meal which is perfect for a family supper or a dinner party with friends. There are many variations of this dish, some choose to add a dash of alcohol or even a clove of crushed garlic. They are all nice in their own right, but we love the ease and simplicity of this  Beef Stroganoff Recipe Ingredients 400g good rump steak fat trimmed. 1 tbsp butter. 1 tbsp olive oil. 300g small button or mixed mushrooms. 3 shallots or sweet baby onions, finely chopped. 1 tbsp plain all purpose flour. 300ml good beef stock ( use stock cubes if you wish). 1 tbsp Dijon or English mustard according to your preference. 1 tbsp tomato purée or ketchup. 3 tbsp crème fraîche. small bunch of fresh flat leaf parsley. 1/2tsp paprika  (optional) use smoked paprika for a more earthy ...
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Learn To Be A Food Critic

Posted by Jun 12,2014 0 comments
Learn To Be A Food Critic “Would You Love To Be PAID To Eat And Travel? Learn Simple, Insider Secrets On How To Be A Food Critic…Even If You’re A Beginner!” There is an amazing new ebook called, “The Ultimate Guide for How to be a Food Critic!”. It covers nearly everything you need to know about how to live your dream of being a food critic! The Ultimate Guide for How to be a Food Critic - eBook Imagine being able to travel around the world and taste delectable cuisine…and being PAID for it! Wouldn’t that be great? You can be paid well while enjoying your favourite pastime – eating! Learn To Be A Food Critic Or what about if you could choose when you want to work, and NOT be stuck in a boring office job…. How would that feel? Check it out!
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Fish Pie Recipe Easy Home Cooking

Posted by Jun 09,2014 0 comments
Fish Pie Recipe | Easy Home Cooking There is nothing more satisfying for a tasty summer supper than homemade  fish pie with a mixture of smoked and white fish and a rich sauce and delicious potato topping . The recipe below is one of the easiest fish pie recipes we have ever seen but also one of the tastiest. Don't be afraid to experiment with your fish pie by adding different types of fish and seafood according to what you prefer. Serve with a simple salad and watch the family smile. Ingredients For Fish Pie 1kg Maris Piper (or similar) potatoes, peeled and Quartered Large nob of salted butter for mashing dash of milk (full fat is creamiest but skimmed can be used if you are watching your weight) 25g  salted butter 25g plain flour 4 spring onions, finely sliced 400ml full fat milk (skimmed or semi skimmed can be used) 1 x pack of quality fish pie mix ...
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